As human beings we are designed to learn the most and the best from our own mistakes. As so, we are prone to repeat the same mistakes on several occasions in different situation, placing ourselves in endless circles of imbalance, restlessness, unhappiness and even pain.


We all feel the need at some point to break these endless circles, stop repeating the same mistakes and deliver ourselves to a further, happier place.In order to do this we need to retreat from our everyday routine, to dedicate ourselves to understanding and finally to heal.

Our retreats provide the imaginary and literally space for you to take a step back and a hard look at your way of being, under professional and friendly guidance to help you understand the discoveries you will be making.

Our mission is to give you all the tools you need to deliver yourself to your own designed happier space. The work is yours to do but we will guide you all the way.  You will leave our retreat with the means to deal with whatever difficulty may come your way in your daily routine.

Our retreats are more about action than talking. We embrace practices originated in movement therapy such as dance, yoga and nature walking. We also appreciate less active ways of connecting with your inner being like storytelling, creative writing and meditating.

Sibiu, Romania


Tel: +40 741 698 355