While being fun, reinvigorating and relaxing on the surface, our retreats, each built on a specific theme, use a mixture of self development methods from classic talk therapy to meditation through movement therapy and body consciousness techniques. 

1. Bloom together with the Transylvanian Spring

Nature shows us every year that the power of rebirth lies beneath. As the dark, cold winter turns into blooming spring we will show you the way the warming sunlight will rejuvenate your body, the clean air will cleanse your mind and you will discover the joy of a whole new perspective.


We will use yoga to cleanse, open and align your energy.  Dance with you both out and indoors to connect to nature and create rhythm of meaning. Teach you holistic anti-aging secrets, emotion and habit management. 

Dare you to find your deepest treasures hidden within!

2. Complete detox

Release the toxins poisoning your days from your physical, mental and emotional being. 

Power and restorative yoga, special flows to stimulate your digestive system and nutritionist designed menu made out of locally grown organic ingredients are just the basics of this retreat. 

We will explain to you the science behind your gut feeling, teach you how to manage toxic people and  rid yourself of unhealthy habits. 

Since self love is the key for well-being we will treat you to some local organic wellness therapies. 

Create for yourself a healthier way of being!

3. Stress management

For sure you have heard the terms positive or negative stress before. Can stress be your friend or is it your most dedicated enemy? And how do you deal with it?

In this retreat we will show you how to use stress and turn it into joy! Yes, joy!


We will talk about types of stress, teach you a series of emotional control techniques, breath and body language tricks, help you cleanse your subconscious and laugh the rest away at our "Tell a tale of stress" story telling evenings. 

Yoga and other means of movement therapy  still represent the basis of our activities, they have just been spiced up to better serve our purpose.

Turn stress into your never ending drive towards success!

Sibiu, Romania

Tel: +40 741 698 355