For us, what we have created here, is as personal as professional.


We have been where you are, felt the way you feel, sought guidance, tested methods and created these retreats in our own fun but effective way of healing.

Themed retreats 

It's not about how you arrive,

 it's about how you leave.

Since we believe that truly focusing on the solution takes you half way through solving the problem, we have custom built our retreats to deliver you to the result you've been seeking.

Exclusive guidance

maximised benefits

The limited number of participants at each retreat serves as guarantee for hand tailored guidance. The schedule is designed to give you one on one time with trainers. Workshops will be adapted to meet the needs of each individual.

diversity is the key to a complete solution

Several practices

Our retreats are more about action than talking. We embrace practices originated in movement therapy such as yoga, dance and nature walking. We also appreciate less active ways of connecting with our inner being like creative writing, meditating and story telling.

Awarded destination

2018 award for Best Detox Location

Sibiu city became famous for being the must visit of Transylvania after winning the title of Cultural Capital in 2007. In 2018 the poetic surroundings of the city have made it to the top 10 list of Best Digital Detox Destinations in Europe. 

Wellness from nature

Transylvanian wellness 

Lucky for us Transylvania has it's own culture of nature therapy. We have taken the science of our elders and have put it to your disposal to try and take home.

Premium locations

traditional design, modern comfort

The locations we choose to host our retreats at have been designed to look traditional and still provide 4 star services and a chemical free environment. Further on daily menus are prepared from local organic products and can be adapted to needs.


Sibiu, Romania


Tel: +40 741 698 355